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Averie is no stranger to shattering glass ceilings.

Born and raised in a small Texas town, she's the daughter of a fifth-generation Texan and a Filipino immigrant mother. As the first in her family to graduate from law School and first Asian American to win Miss Texas, she has tirelessly championed public education and reproductive healthcare across the state.

Now running for Texas House District 112, Averie uses her firsthand experience—from teaching in local classrooms to advocating for working families and women—to fight for a Texas that includes and uplifts everyone, not just a select few. Committed to upholding our traditions while fostering progressive change, Averie Bishop is the strong, inclusive leader our district needs.



House District 112

District 112, covering northeast Dallas including Richardson, Garland, Rowlett, and Sunnyvale, is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas in Texas. As a young woman of color, I share a personal connection with the over 36,000 women of color under 35 in our district.


In the last presidential election, President Biden garnered 49.7% of the vote here, and we came within just 300 votes of victory in the previous race. This district is Texas' top opportunity for a Democratic pickup. Flipping District 112 from red to blue is crucial for strengthening Dallas County's shift towards Democratic leadership. Let's make history together!

Political Ad Paid for by the Averie for All Campaign

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