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Texas is home to one of the most diverse populations in the country - it’s time to ensure that the Lone Star State is a safe, welcoming home for each and every one of us. Texas is a minority-majority state, and has a diverse economic class system. 

Together, we can

  • Redesign safe and legal pathways to citizenship

  • Protect the pursuit of socio-economic prosperity  for new and first generation families 

  • Introduce DE&I legislation that repeals attacks on inclusive programs and curriculum

  • Build a cleaner and greener Texas for current and future generations through environmental policies, including public transportation expansion, renewable energy incentives, designated parks and trails, and clean water accessibility. 

  • Fight for affordable housing by limiting exemptions for large corporations and ensure safe mobility across the state with holistic urban planning.

  • Increase minimum wage so that all Texans, no matter where they work or education leave, have economic dignity and can achieve financial security. 

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Texas deserves safe public schools and quality education. Students are being left behind due to terrible teacher recruitment and retention, a lack of mental health resources, politicized curriculum, and gun violence. 

Together, we can

  • Pass common sense gun legislation

  • Improve teacher pay and school funding

  • Fund mental health resources for our youth 

  • Ensure access to comprehensive sexual education

  • Implement historically accurate core curriculum 

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Access to affordable healthcare is a basic human right and should be left between the patient and their provider, not our politicians. Texas ranks 38th in the country for overall health,  49th for reproductive healthcare, and ranks last in mental health care accessibility.

Together, we can 

  • Increase access to birth control & reproductive health

  • Invest in mental health programming and continued care resources for veterans

  • Protect abortion access

  • Defend the right to healthcare for LGBTQ+ Texans and their families

  • Increase paid maternity and paternity leave for working families and subsidize daycare for early childhood 

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